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Hally Trading Contracting Corp. established in Kuwait in 1988, is an active and a leading company with objectives to serve a broad range of industries, including the Oilfields, Refineries,Petrochemical and Power generation Industries.

Like most forward-looking organizations, HALLY's vision and strategy is a combination of having timely services and meeting cutting-edge processes to its clients. To achieve this vision, we formed two divisions :

Our Major Services include, but not limited to:

  • Industrial Trading Division
  • Construction Division

Trading & Contracting

The Division comprises of Sales & Marketing Unit and Project Planning Unit for securing, maintaining and providing continuous technical support Services - fully complying to Contractual conditions.

HALLY is a principle supplier of mainly Pressure Vessels, Heat-Exchangers, Reactors, Boilers, Pipe-Fittings, Butterfly Valves, Mechanical and Instrumentation Equipment and many such other Industrial products.

Our Sales /Marketing Unit is specialized and has in-depth knowledge in delivering the Spare-Parts, Equipment and General Materials on both routine and on project basis.

The Project Planning Unit with its proficient technical services, exploits the territory with just diligence and identifies business opportunities for its Principals / Business Partners.

HALLY has been a pioneer in Kuwait's rapidly growing Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Industry and is a key player in the Oil-& Energy sector.